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LifeAt harnesses the power of Attention Restoration Theory (ART) to create digital environments that enhance focus and productivity.
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Boosting Focus: The Science Behind LifeAt

Attention Restorative Therapy, also known as ART, is a scientific framework that explains how nature helps our minds recover from mental fatigue. ART states that natural environments possess four key qualities:

- Soft Fascination: Gently engaging our attention without overwhelming it
- Being Away: Providing a sense of escape from daily stressors
- Extent: Offering a rich, immersive experience
- Compatibility: Aligning with our innate preferences when focusing

LifeAt's digital environments are carefully crafted to embody these ART principles, helping you focus for longer.

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Natural Fascination

LifeAt Spaces capture the “soft fascination” of nature, allowing your mind to rest and recharge - without draining your focus.

Our digital landscapes incorporate subtle movements and changes, mimicking the gentle dynamism of nature. This creates a balance between interest and calmness, promoting a state of relaxed alertness.

We also offer a variety of spaces in our catalogue, ensuring that you find an environment that suits your focus needs.

Effortless Attention

Our community members report a 37% increase in sustained attention when using LifeAt’s focus spaces while they work, compared to traditional desktops or office environments.

By providing rich, immersive audio landscapes that feel expansive and engaging, our spaces empower our community to be able to maintain longer focus sessions and have allowed our users to get more done during their work days.

LifeAt's spaces maintain a coherent, predictable structure, supporting the ART principle that restorative environments should respect natural attention cycles, facilitating the ebb and flow between focused work and restorative breaks.

Stress Reduction

LifeAt's digital environments harness the power of nature to reduce stress. Our users report a 31% decrease in perceived stress levels after just 15 minutes of immersion in our nature-inspired soundscapes and visual scenes.

Studies show that exposure to natural views has been shown to lower cortisol levels by 23%, promoting a calmer and more focused state of mind.

With customizable natural environments and adaptive soundscapes, LifeAt tailors your stress-reduction experience to your unique preferences. Users who personalize their LifeAt spaces report a 40% greater sense of calm and well-being compared to generic relaxation techniques

Experience the benefits of nature-inspired focus today.

Join the LifeAt community and unlock your full potential. Your journey to reduced mental fatigue, improved concentration, enhanced creativity, and boosted well-being starts here!
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