Freelancers Task Management

Freelancers, LifeAt is your productivity booster. Manage client projects, track deadlines, and oversee freelance operations. Dive into a world where every freelance project is organized, ensuring client satisfaction and timely delivery.

Key features

Task management
Effortlessly organize everything you do online — work, life, study, hobbies — all in one window.
Focus flow state
Deep Dive Focus: Transport yourself into a state of focus with personalized visual and audio ambiance for any occasion.
Integrate your calendars
All of your personal and work calendars in one place to see an overview of your day or week in one go.

How to use LifeAt Task Manager?

  1. Toggle to the planning mode tab in the left sidebar
  2. Start by adding a new task
  3. Tag your task appropriately – be it 'Work', 'Life', or a specific project.
  4. Utilize the week view to time-box your activities, ensuring you balance productivity and leisure.
  5. As you plan each day, keep the entries concise, leveraging our platform's simplicity for optimal daily organization.
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What others are saying

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@Jared Friedman
Y Combinator
“I've personally been using LifeAt - it's one of the few new consumer products I've tried that really reasonate with me.”
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"this is an extremely strong endorsement for using your second monitor real estate for this:"
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Product Designer
"LifeAt made me realize that my desk can be my happy beautiful, safe space."
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"I've started using lifeat when I really need to focus on work, especially during the post-lunch dip."
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"I can't recommend Pro enough, you unlock a whole nother world of focus."
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"whoevermade let's kiss."