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Using the Mac OS Desktop App

Click here to download the Mac Desktop App!

Install the Mac App:
Drag LifeAt to your "Applications". Click on LifeAt icon in your dock, then log in or sign up.

Click LifeAt icon at the top to open the menubar

Connect your calendar in the menubar
Once opened, connect your Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar

In your browser, choose which primary calendar you want LifeAt to connect to.

IMPORTANT Make sure you check all the permission settings for your calendar to display properly on LifeAt

Note: If your events are not showing in LifeAt, please refresh the app.

How do I check for updates?

As we release updates to the app, you'll see a pop up appear in the bottom right corner that will notify you. Please click on this pop up and refresh the app in order to apply the changes. Alternatively, you can manually update by:

Right click on the LifeAt icon located in your mac menubar. Click "check for updates".

If there are any updates, you will see a notification that says "Updates are available and will be installed the next time you exit the app."

To install the updates, quit the app completely from the menubar (or press Cmd + Option + Q)

Wait a few minutes for the update to install, then launch LifeAt again.

How do I use the menubar on MacOS?

With our LifeAt sidekick, you will be able to easily view your upcoming events and add tasks quickly to your To Do list without breaking concentration.

Click on the LifeAt Logo on your menubar, located at the top right of your screen.

Done! You will be able to see your upcoming events, tasks, and calendar without interrupting your flow.

Note : In order to view upcoming events, you will need to add the event to your calendar of choice. Navigate to your Outlook or Google Calendar and add the event to your calendar in order to keep track of your schedule and manage your time more efficiently.

Updated on: 09/28/2023

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