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Customize your LifeAt Room

Your Space, your choice! Welcome to your new digital room, a place you can hang out & get focused.

To change the background, click on the forward ">" and backward "<" buttons located on the emoji. Each emoji represents a category - nature, cafe, pets, coding, and more! Check them all out and find the spaces that suit your mood at the moment.

Note: Don't forget to favorite the spaces you want to quickly return to by clicking on the heart icon next to the space name.

To adjust the volume of the space or mute it, use the volume slider located under the Space's name.

Click on our Search button to quickly search through our catalogue. Look for keywords like "hawaii", "beaches", or "plants" to find your new favorite space.

Click on the search button to search for spaces

Find a space that catches your eye? Favorite it!

Click on the heart button to favorite a space

Note Unsure which space you're feeling? Click on our little Shuffle button to auto-select a random space for your focus session!

Not feeling the Space's audio? Open up our sound board and focus alongside our premium selections. Scroll through the list to find your perfect match.

Scroll down to view all of the sound available.

If you'd like to hide all elements to zero in on your focus and background, open the My Account menu and under Appearance, select Hide All Elements

Click &quot;Hide Elements&quot; to hide all menu or change to dark mode

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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