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Troubleshooting Room Settings

How do I create a new room?

Note: Creating new rooms is only available to LifeAt Pro members.

To create a new room with your LifeAt Pro account, click on your Room Name and under the Select Room header, click on your current room’s name and select Add Room. From here, you will be able to edit the new room’s name and general permission settings. This room will have a different invite link than your original room, so please remember to share the new room’s link to your intended audience.

What is sync spaces?

When “Sync spaces” is turned on, all guests in the room will see the same virtual space controlled by the host.

If “Sync spaces” is turned off, all guests will able to pick their own virtual space

To change this settings, click the room settings in the top panel

How do I change my room's name?

Click on your room name settings, change your room name and click “Enter” on your keyboard to save

Note that you can’t change your room name when video chat is in session

Updated on: 09/27/2023

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