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How to Use Planner Mode

Welcome to LifeAt’s Planner Mode

We want to thank you for choosing us to help you manage all your tasks and help you focus on getting more things done. Let’s get started!

1. Add a tag

Organizing and Visualizing your Workload Better:

Imagine your to-do list is like a massive library with books scattered all over the place. Tags act as bookmarks that help you organize these books into different sections. For instance, you can tag all your work-related tasks with a "Work" tag, personal chores with a "Home" tag, and perhaps urgent tasks with an "Urgent" tag.

With these tags, you can easily flip to the section you need without sifting through the entire library. It's like having a well-organized bookshelf in your mind, making it a breeze to find and manage your tasks.

- Adding a tag: When you add a tag, you’re labeling an item on your to do list with a keyword to make it easier to look up later.
- Color-coding & emojis: Assigning colors and emojis to each tag helps you quickly spot which tasks belong to what tag. They’re like little visual cues that make your task list a little more organized and fun!

Click on the sidebar icon located next to the Board view at the top of the screen to hide and unhide the Tags menu. From here you will see all of your tags and be able to filter your view by tags.

2. Add and edit a new tag

To add a tag, click on "Add a new tag" and type in the name of your new tag.
Choose a color for your tag to help you color code your tasks.
Select an corresponding emoji for your new tag.
Click out of the menu and your new tag will automatically save!

Note: Free users only have access to one tag, and Pro users are able to create up to 16 tags for their Planner. Tag names cannot repeat, so please be sure to keep each tag name unique!

3. Filtering your tasks with Tags

To narrow down your view based on a tag (such as “home” or “project A”), check the tag that you’d like to view the tasks for. This will filter out any tasks associated with that tag while hiding the other tags on your list.

4. Filtering your tasks by Today, Completed, or Overdue

Now you can easily view your tasks by overdue, complete, or today.
To apply these filters, all you have to do is click on the "Filter" option on your task list and select the filter you'd like to apply.
Today: Check this filter in order to view only the tasks that are happening today.
Hide Completed: Declutter your task list by hiding all the tasks you've already finished. Uncheck it to view your previously completed tasks.
Overdue: With this option enabled, you will be able to see which tasks you haven't quite finished yet in your task list.

Note: To properly use Today and Overdue, please make sure your tasks have been assigned a date and time in the task detail view.

5. Delete a Tag

Decided you don’t need that tag anymore? When in the Tag menu, scroll down below the color selection menu and click on “delete tag” to remove it from your planner.

Note: Once a tag or task has been deleted, it is gone for good so please be careful!

6. Add a task to your week

To get started using our planning mode, begin with creating your very first task on your to do list. Click on "+ Add task" and type in what you need to get done. Hit enter when you're done to save your task.

If you find yourself needing to make changes to your task simply right click on the task and click the “edit” option. In this menu, you’ll be able to assign a tag to your task to make it even easier to organize and categorize your to do list. You can also easily edit the duration of each task, ensuring you have the right amount of time set aside for everything. We also offer the option to time block your tasks to your calendar which makes it easier to manage your busy schedule.

Last but not least, we added the ability to add some notes in the task description to help provide you any additional details or reminders.

7. Time Boxing with Drag Task to Calendar

Timeboxing can be a game changer when it comes to task management. This technique allows you to set specific blocks of time for tasks or projects, which creates a structured guide for your day.

By dragging your tasks to your calendar, you give yourself a brand new way to view your upcoming workload. This approach is flexible and intuitive, helping you prioritize and manage your time effectively while providing a clear overview of your day.

Note: LifeAt tasks do not write to your calendars when dragging & dropping - so no worries about others seeing your tasks from LifeAt!

8. Deleting tasks from calendar:

If you ever need to remove your tasks from the calendar, you can do so by clicking into the task and click”remove from calendar” button (attached ss of the task edit page again)

9. Rearrange your tasks throughout your day

In the Planner’s Board view, you can easily drag tasks to different days. It's incredibly intuitive, especially when you've just been assigned something unexpected that calls for some rethinking. Just a quick drag, and you've successfully moved your task to a more suitable day. It's all about keeping things flexible and stress-free.

10. Switch between Board and Calendar View

Above the Tags menu, you will see two new views: Board and Calendar. Choose Calendar to see an agenda style view of the current week. This is ideal for time boxing, prioritizing, and quickly viewing your upcoming appointments and meetings.

11. Add your calendars

Your next step to mastering your schedule is connecting your preferred calendar to LifeAt. This handy feature offers two key benefits: first, no more worries about double bookings or missed events, and second, the convenience of having all your important dates in one place. It's a practical way to keep everything organized effortlessly.

To add one of your calendars from our Planner,

Click into the Calendar tab located at the top left of your screen.

You will be asked to connect your Google or Outlook calendars at the top of the screen.

Select your calendar, and follow the authentication process. Once done your calendar will appear on LifeAt!

- Note: Be sure to accept all Permissions for Google and Outlook in order to properly use this integration. Unchecking or changing the permissions can impact the Calendar’s functionality.
- Note: You will not able to add both Google and Outlook calendars at this time.

How do I connect my Google Calendar?

Click on the Calendar tab of Planning mode.

Select Google from the options located in the center of the screen.

Follow the onscreen instructions to connect your Google Calendar to LifeAt.

Be sure to accept ALL permissions in order to properly view your upcoming events.

Be sure to accept ALL permissions for events to show up properly

Make sure to refresh LifeAt to view your calendar events.

How do I connect multiple Google Calendars?

Click on the “+” icon by Other Calendars

Click “Subscribe to calendar”

Add the email of the calendar you want to connect to

Send the invite:

Your new calendar should be on your GCal, and when you refresh the app it should now be in LifeAt

If you toggle the calendar, you should now see the calendar: (If it is not, click Cntrl + Shift + R)

You can change the color of your Google Calendar events to help with visualizing your day.

At the left side of the screen below the monthly view of your calendar, hover over the name of the calendar you want to edit the color for. Click on the three dots that appear next to the X, on the right.

Select the color you’d like for this calendar from the list that appears.

Save your changes, then refresh the LifeAt app by hitting cntrl or cmd + R. Your Google Calendar events will now be color coded!

How do I connect my Outlook calendar?

Click on the “Calendar” tab of Planning mode.

Select Outlook from the options located in the center of the screen.

Enter your Outlook email

Follow the Outlook prompt and click “Yes”

Refresh to reflect the changes!

How to connect iCal:

Go to the Apple Calendar app on your Mac

Right click the calendar that you want to link to your primary calendar account that you connected to LifeAt

Select “Share Calendar…”

Select the “Public Calendar” option. This will allow anyone with your calendar’s URL to view the events. Then press “Done”

Then, right click the calendar again and click “Copy URL to Clipboard”

12. Quickly access your task list, calendar, or notes

At the top of your Planning mode screen, you’ll see some new icons at the right - these are where your calendar, task list, and notes can easily be accessed. Click on the 🔥 emoji to check your weekly analytics, the pencil to open your task list, and the calendar to switch to the Agenda view of your calendar. Next to the calendar icon you will also be able to open up your Notes to jot down some quick thoughts and ideas.

13. Ready to Focus

You can get started with Focus mode by clicking on "Focus" or the house icon. For further details on how to use the tools there, please check out our "Focus" category.

Updated on: 12/19/2023

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