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How to set up Focus Mode

Welcome to LifeAt’s Focus Mode: Your Place to get Things Done!

With LifeAt’s focus mode, you’ll be able to get into your deep flow state to complete your tasks. Select your virtual background and focus music to begin

1. Navigating your new Toolbar

At the far left of your screen you will see our toolbar. From here you will control all of our productivity tools easily. Feel free to use the notch to open and close the toolbar as you see fit.

2. Spaces

Get ready to get focused by first setting up your own personalized ambiance. Do you work best in cafes or libraries? Or are you more of a nature fan? With LifeAt, you are able to choose whatever works best for your situation - we offer hundreds of dynamic spaces that let you truly immerse yourself in a beautiful background that inspires you to get things done.

Click on the Spaces button to open our Spaces toolbar.

- If you click on "Search" spaces, you will open a menu that allows you to keyword search through our vast catalogue of spaces to view the ones that best match your search.
- The emojis represent categories that we group our spaces into. We have categories such as Nature, Window, Cafe, Pets, and more! Feel free to click on each emoji to shuffle through each space. Click the ">" or "<" arrows to move back and forth through the catalogue.
- Below the Spaces categories, you will find the name of the space you are currently on as well as the audio slider for that space.
- If you enjoy the space, we encourage you to click on the heart icon in order to favorite the space. It will appear in the list icon to the right of the heart. Now you can easily find your favorite spaces to focus with.
- Adjust the space's audio with the slider, or mute it by clicking on the audio icon at the front of the slider.

3. Timer

Clicking this icon will open our Pomodoro timer. Feel free to drag it across your screen to a place that you see fit.

- At the top left of the Timer, you will see the option to change the timer from "Personal" to "Group." If you have invited friends to your room and would like to work together via a synced timer, select the Group option. Note: Only the Room Host will be able to change the Group pomodoro settings Choose personal if you'd like to run your own solo timer.

Choose which kind of Pomodoro session you&apos;d like.

- Click on the gear icon at the right of the widget to make adjustments to your timer such as time intervals and choosing premium alarm sounds.

Update your Pomodoro settings.

- Click start to get to work on your tasks with our timer running. The timer will automatically transition for you between breaks and work, so just keep an ear out for the alarm sound!

4. Task List

This is where you will find the To Do list you know and love - with a few upgrades! Add a task by clicking on "+Add task" at the top of your list. Write in any tasks you need to keep track of and hit enter to save them. If you'd like to edit the task, simply right click on it to open our edit task menu. Here you can change a task duration, a task tag, and delete the task.

You can also click on Tags to filter your Task List view based off of created Tags, and Filter to view tasks by today, or overdue. You can also use this menu to hide all your completed tasks!

5. Media

With our Media widget, you can add your own favorite playlists from Youtube, Spotify, and Apple music and play them from within LifeAt. Simply copy the playlist URL from the website, then paste it into the bar and hit "save".

Note: We are currently working on improving the Media widget in the Desktop app, and Spotify playlists will not play fully. We suggest logging into Spotify on a web browser and using LifeAt in a new tab.

6. Sounds

Decided you weren't into the sound that was preloaded with the Space? Open up our soundboard to check out more of our hand selected ambient background noises proven to help boost your productivity. Scroll down to check them all out!

Scroll down to view more of our Premium sounds!

7. Calendar

Clicking this button will slide out our At a Glance calendar. This is a view that is focused on Today's events and tasks so that you can keep focus on what's important.

To begin using our Calendar, please connect your Google or Outlook calendar by clicking on the Google or Outlook buttons to begin the authentication process.

Note: Please be sure you allow ALL permissions for the calendar to work properly.

At this time, we do not support both Outlook and Google Calendar concurrently - you will need to pick one of the platforms to connect. Feel free to check out our Help Desk guides on how to add additional calendars by subscribing to them via Google Calendar for more details.

How do I connect my Google Calendar?

Click on the “Calendar” icon in the tool bar

Click on our Calendar Widget to get started.

Connect with Google or Outlook

Select Google here.
Select your account

Accept all access ⚠️ make sure you check all the boxes

Refresh the app by hitting “Command” + “R” on your keyboard

How do I connect multiple Google Calendars?

Click on the “+” icon by Other Calendars

Click “Subscribe to calendar”

Add the email of the calendar you want to connect to

Send the invite:

Your new calendar should be on your GCal, and when you refresh the app it should now be in LifeAt

If you toggle the calendar, you should now see the calendar:
- If it is not, click Ctrl + Shift + R

How do I connect my Outlook calendar?

Click on the “Calendar” icon in the tool bar

Click on our Calendar widget to begin.

Connect with Outlook

Select Outlook Here.
Enter your Outlook email

Follow the Outlook prompt and click “Yes”

Refresh to reflect the changes!

- At the top of your calendar you will see a few buttons to the right of the menu.
- The arrows will navigate you between days, and the Today button will bring you back to today's date.
- The calendar icon will show you a drop down of the current calendars you have visible. Feel free to check or uncheck the calendars that you'd like to see in this list. You can scroll through it, and at the bottom you will see the "Add Calendar" button available in case you'd like to add more (as a Pro member you have access to unlimited calendars.)
- The icon at the far right will take you directing to the home page of your Calendar (Google or Outlook) where you can add, edit, and delete events.

Note: Our Calendar is read only at this time.

8. Notes

Our notes widget allows you to capture your thoughts without switching contexts or disrupting your productive session. This single widget offers a seamless way to jot down ideas, reminders, or insights within the same app, reducing distractions and preserving your focused workflow.

With the integrated notes feature, your productivity remains undisturbed while ensuring important information is conveniently recorded for future reference. As a Pro user, you’ll be able to create as many notes as you need to keep track of your various projects.

Jot down reminders, write your notes, and more!

9. Fortune

Our Fortune Widget is designed to add a delightful touch of positivity to your daily productivity routine. Every time you log into our app, you'll be greeted with a fresh, uplifting fortune that's sure to brighten your day.

With our Fortune Widget, you can start each day with a dose of optimism, ready to tackle your tasks with renewed energy and enthusiasm. Click on Fortune located under the Focus mode (scroll down below the Sounds widget) to view your daily fortune.

Fortunes refresh every day. Check daily to see new inspiration!

If your fortune is not generating for the day, feel free to click the gear icon located at the bottom of your Toolbar and select “Reset Layout”. This is also useful in the event some of your widgets escape your screen - simply reset your layout & click on the widget to reload it.

Click the three dots at the end of your bottom navigation to reset layout.

10. Breathe

At LifeAt, we prioritize mental well-being, and our Breathe widget embodies this commitment. It's a simple yet powerful tool designed to help you pause, recenter yourself, and refocus on your mental wellness. With a quick click, you can access guided breathing exercises that provide a moment of calm in your busy day.

We're dedicated to fostering a mindful community, encouraging everyone to be aware of their time and energy. Our Breathe widget is here to support your mental health journey.

11. Navigating your top menu bar

At the top of your LifeAt screen, you'll see our Menu bar.

Left Side

Left side top Navigation.
Focus, Planner, Explore Click this drop down to easily navigate between our Focus, Planner, and Explore modes.
Streak Click here to view your daily Streak & total Pomodoro Hours.
Click here to Download our Desktop App.

Right Side

Right side of our Top Nav.
Join Video Call Click here to join an active video call in progress - must be subscribed to Pro to join a coworking call.
Recently Visited Rooms: Click here to view your recently visited rooms, as well as switch between your current Rooms. Pro members have access to two!
Invite: Click here to copy your Room link to share with your friends. By clicking your link, they will be able to join your Room & cowork with you.
Universal Mute, Change Log, and Full Screen Click these buttons to silence all sound currently playing in LifeAt, view our Change Log, and enable fullscreen mode for your device.
My Account: Click here to access your account settings, such as adjusting appearance, managing/updating your subscription, etc.

Planning Mode

Clicking on this button will return you back to our Planner where you can view your weekly agenda.


Updated on: 06/07/2024

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