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Streamline your business to ensure your company runs smoothly – from project management, visibility, time tracking, and focus.

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Manage projects, ensuring client satisfaction and business growth.

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Streamlined daily task entry
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Weekly task view for your tasks and calendar
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Simple time tracking
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Project Visibility

At a glance view of all your ongoing projects or deliverables

Project Management

Organize all your projects in one place

Personal planner: tags + time tracking

Provide your team with powerful tools to prioritize their time and tasks

Seamless Calendar Syncing

Members can link multiple work and client calendars in one place

Focus mode

Members can discover theor perfect set up with deep focus videos + productivity tools

What others are saying

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@Jared Friedman
Y Combinator
“I've personally been using LifeAt - it's one of the few new products I've tried that really resonates with me.”
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"This is an extremely strong endorsement for using your second monitor real estate for this:"
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Product Designer
"LifeAt made me realize that my desk can be my happy beautiful, safe space."
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"I've started using lifeat when I really need to focus on work, especially during the post-lunch dip."
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"I can't recommend Pro enough, I finally have a planner that I can use everyday that works for me"
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"I can't live without the new planner mode. It has made my daily planning so much better"