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Connecting your Outlook Calendar

How do I connect my Outlook calendar?

Do you need to connect a Google Calendar Instead? Click here.

Click on the “Calendar” icon in the tool bar

Select Outlook to proceed with connecting your calendar

Enter your Outlook email credentials

Follow the prompts for Outlook and click “Yes” Note: Accept all permissions to make sure LifeAt functions properly.

Return to the app and refresh your calendar. You can do this by pressing CMD + R (Mac) or CNTRL + F5 (Windows).

**Note**: When using Outlook with LifeAt, you will be prompted to complete the Outlook authentication process both in app and on your web browser. If you previously connected Outlook in your web browser, you will need to do so again in app to view your events, and vice versa.

How to subscribe to more calendars in Outlook

Follow these steps if you want to add events from more calendars to the Outlook account you connected to LifeAt
Open the options menu for a calendar, click on “Sharing and permissions”

Enter the email for the account you want to share this calendar with

Select permissions and click “Share”

You should receive an invite email for this calendar. Click accept.

You should now be able to see the shared calendar under “Other calendars” in Outlook

In LifeAt, refresh the app to see the new calendar in your dropdown

Updated on: 01/09/2024

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